The Different Covers of KISS

The concept of the book cover of Knight in Shining Suit was a no brainer. It would be a photo of a man and his suit. No full faces because I wanted Ryder to be exactly how the readers imagined him to be.

The first cover was used in Wattpad when I first posted the story there as ‘Knight in Shining Armani’. The second one was used on the second edition when an ex-friend wanted to collaborate with me. I was so proud of that friend, I wanted to showcase his works to the world through my books.

The third cover was created by my husband and was used when we thought it was time for KISS to have a new suit.

The Soundtrack

When I was writing KISS, this was the song that I kept playing and I thought this was Ryder’s theme. Because he wanted Astrid so much but unfortunately, he couldn’t have her.

This was the song that Ryder sang for Astrid while he was playing the guitar on her parents’ anniversary.  It was her plea to her because Astrid was ending their make-believe engagement. He was begging her, telling her, “Don’t let me go…”

The Story Behind the story of KISS

One of my closest, oldest friends called me one time and told me that her boyfriend cheated on her. She was distraught at that time. And I could understand why.

At that time, I know that I didn’t have to help her forgive him and work things out because that would be the easiest thing she could do.

What she needed from a friend like me was to help her how she could move on from him… and get even in the process.

I was giving her advice on what she needed to do, like have a makeover, have fun and mingle. She needed to show him that she could be prettier and sexier now that she’s single. And next time she ran into him, she should be sporting a much, much hotter guy on her arm. And he’s not just any guy. He should be a smoking hot guy who would make her ex feel like a dwarf!

While I was giving her advice, I was already writing a plot for a revenge romance story.

When I posted this on Wattpad, it was posted as ‘Knight in Shining Armani’.

Trivia: Something you didn't know before

Astrid first met Ryder in a jewelry shop when she found out her ex-fiance gave her a fake diamond engagement ring.

She was so distraught at that time, she blindly went out of the jewelry shop and into the streets.

After the encounter at the shop, Ryder couldn’t forget about her. She got under his skin immediately. He drove out in the streets in search of her. 

At that time, Astrid threw out her engagement ring across the street. A white sports car ran over it, completely destroying it.

It was actually Ryder’s sports car. But Nicole attempted to save the ring, she blocked Astrid’s view and Ryder didn’t see her on the sidewalk.