All the Wrong Reasons Deleted Scene: Music sharing

This is a deleted scene that was created for the Chapters Interactive Story Game. Just like to share this with you.



Though she didn’t want to admit it, Adrienne was reeling with excitement. She could barely sleep that night. When she lay in bed, she could see Justin’s bed. His room looked bigger than hers. He had a king-sized bed, a chaise lounge and a desk in his bedroom.

He came home at midnight. When she opened her eyes, she saw him walking around his room, shirtless, with a towel wrapped around his waist. His window was open, like he didn’t care that his neighbors could actually see him parading his room half-naked.

Adrienne: Well, it pays to have a gorgeous bod!

He disappeared for a while and then when he came back, he threw himself in bed, wearing a pair of dark blue pajamas. Then he switched off his lamp.

When Adrienne woke up, her first instinct was to look out the window. His bed was empty and neatly made like no one slept there at all.

Adrienne dressed up for work.

The first thing she did was send Jada her article.

Jill: Why the glum face?

Adrienne: I’m sending Jada my article.

Jill: Oh, about her ex’s diner. How did you rate them?

Adrienne: Five point five rounded to a six.

Jill: Well, that’s very compassionate of you. Six will make them look for improvements, but won’t make them make a run for their money.

Adrienne: Yeah, but Jada won’t like it. She wanted me to murder them.

Jill: She wants to murder everybody. Don’t stress about it. You know that calling for a hit is part of her daily routine.

Adrienne: You’re absolutely right.

Suddenly, their world fell silent, causing them to look up. They found the cause.

Justin Adams just walked into the corridor and into Jada’s office. He looked their way. Again, the corner of his lip curved into a subtle grin. Adrienne thought he was looking at her, but with those damn shades of his, there was no way she could tell for sure.

Jill: Did he… did he just smile at us?

Adrienne heard somebody behind them snicker. It was Susan, their sports editor.

Susan: As if!

Jill: Excuse me? Did you just say it’s impossible for Justin Adams to smile at us.

Susan: Oh no, sweetheart. I’m saying it’s impossible for him to even look your way.

Adrienne frowned. Susan always had been a prima donna, thinking she was beyond everybody else, just because she was a rich girl whose Daddy was buddies with somebody on the board. Adrienne hated it that sports features fall under her section.

Jill: And you think you he smiled at you.

Susan: Oh no, I don’t think that. I know that. Justin and I are on first name basis. I’d introduce you girls, but… I doubt he’ll even remember your names, so what was the point?

Adrienne turned around from her seat.

Adrienne: I really doubt you’re on first name basis.

Susan: Really? Why?

Adrienne: For that to happen, he’d have to remember your name and I doubt that he does.

Jill: Yeah, me too. I don’t even remember your name. Everyone here just calls you sports girl.

Adrienne: And for your information, Susan, I don’t care if Justin Adams doesn’t remember my name. And I certainly don’t give a damn if it’s you he smiled at and not us. Go knock yourself out. But first, hand me that article about attractive women in sports.

Adrienne turned back to Jill.

Adrienne: Are we still on for dinner with Yuan?

Jill: You bet.

Adrienne: Okay, let’s go back to work. I wanna get home early. I didn’t get much sleep last night.

Jill: Really? Why is that?

Adrienne: I’ll tell you all about it tonight. Big surprise, you’ll love me for it!


Adrienne and Jill met Yuan at TGIF for dinner. The friends meet up at least twice a week to catch up on what happens in their lives. Adrienne always felt that she was closer to Yuan and Jill than her own family.

Yuan: So, what’s interesting with you?

Jill: I have a date on Friday. This guy goes to the same coffee shop I go to every morning. We’ve been flirting for a month now and then this morning, he finally spoke to me.

Yuan: Oh, look at you finally ending a two month dry spell.

Jill: Well, at least my sex life is looking better than yours.

Yuan: I’m still hoping Justin Adams would someday try dudes.

Jill: If I don’t stand a chance, don’t even get your hopes up.

Yuan: Well, we may not have boyfriends, but at least we’re getting some once in a while.

Yuan turned to Adrienne.

Yuan: Oh, hello there Adrienne Miller. How’s Troy Williams lately?

Adrienne: Same old. He’s having study dates with Kim.

Yuan: Oh, at least he’s getting some.

Adrienne: I cannot believe you just said that, Yuan. My God, you could be totally insensitive sometimes.

Yuan: Adrienne, it was a joke. Come on.

Adrienne: Seriously? Suggesting that my boyfriend was hooking up with my sister sounds more like an insinuation than a joke to me.

Jill: Adrienne, you know Yuan didn’t mean that.

Adrienne: You’re taking his side on this? Seriously?

Jill: I’m not taking anybody’s side. Come on, let’s just order.

Adrienne took deep breaths.

Adrienne: You know what, guys, I’m sorry. You guys have fun. I’m going.

Yuan: Come on, Yen. I’m sorry. I was joking.

Adrienne: It’s okay, Yuan. I’m tired and I wasn’t feeling well anyway. I’ll catch up with you later.

Adrienne grabbed her bag and went home.

When she got home, she went straight to her balcony and lit up a cigarette. She was upset, but not entirely with Yuan. She knew that Yuan meant that as a joke. But somehow, she knew she didn’t like the fact that her boyfriend was spending a lot of time with her sister, and was all he could talk about when they were on the phone with each other.

Her phone beeped.

Yuan: I’m sorry, Yen. You know I could be tactless but I didn’t mean that.

Adrienne: Yuan, what you said was really mean.

Yuan: I know, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for it to come out that way. But you know how I feel about Troy, right?

Adrienne: Troy is my boyfriend. He may be an absent one, and not even a great one, but he’s still my boyfriend. And it doesn’t feel good hearing my best friend say that he’s cheating on me with my sister.

Yuan: I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you.

Adrienne: It’s okay. There’s nothing to make up for.

Yuan: We good?

Adrienne: We’ll always be good.

She wanted to tell them about Justin Adams being her neighbor but the mood was completely ruined. She decided to leave it for some other time.

Adrienne noticed that the lights in Justin’s apartment lit up.

Adrienne: Look, Yuan, I have to go, okay?

She went inside her apartment. Behind the glass sliding door, she could see Justin stand in his balcony, smoking. He was wearing a pair of jeans and a white shirt as he stared at the bright city lights in front of him. Collective Soul was blasting through his stereo. The last three songs he played were three of Adrienne’s favorite. She revered in the thought that she had something in common with him.

She cooked pasta while she danced and sang around the kitchen with Justin’s music. She could hear his stereo loudly and clearly since both their balcony doors and windows were open.

After dinner, she read a book on the chaise lounge, which she now positioned beside the glass door, where she had a view of his balcony, without being seen by him. He sat in his balcony, working on his laptop. Oblivious to him, they were both enjoying the music he was playing.

By eleven, he went inside his apartment and played mellow, chill out music, which Adrienne loved too. She saw him put on his jacket and went out, leaving his stereo on. She showered and got ready for bed. As she lay in bed, Justin’s chill-out playlist was a sweet lullaby to her ears, keeping her calm and set for a dreamless sleep. As she closed her eyes, she smiled to herself because it was as if he purposely left his stereo on for her.

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